Google Play handled 2 billion MAUs and 115 billion downloads in 2019

Google Play has accumulated over 115 billion app installs over the past 12 months.

The data was sourced in the ‘2019 Google Play Public Policy Report’, showing that the platform has over two billion active monthly users, making up over 80 per cent of Android’s total player base at 2.5 billion.

Google Play
Google Play

New Google Play Console tools have helped developers reduce crash rates by up to 70%, according to the firm. Google also claims that 99 per cent of apps with “abusive or malicious content” are rejected before users can install them onto their devices.

Visual redesign

Throughout 2019, the tech giant has implemented a number of changes that have looked to improve app discoverability, such as overhauling the platform with a new visual redesign, resulting in a 30 per cent increase in visits to Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, the developer upload format Android App Bundle and mobile code reducing software Dynamic Delivery have both helped shrink app sizes by approximately 65 per cent.


Google recently launched its mobile rewards program Google Play Points in the US, after originally making its debut in Japan in 2018.

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