Esports platform raises $25 million in Series A funding

Esports tournament platform has raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Intel Capital.

With the funding, the platform will grow its mobile gaming communities by using tournament sponsorships and also accelerate development of the platform’s core product – artificial intelligence Tourney.

“When’s platform crossed 10,000 tournaments in a short period of time, we sensed something big was going on here,” said Intel Capital managing director Arun Chetty.

“As one of the biggest supporters of both esports and emerging technologies, Intel is always looking for ways to accelerate adoption of esports. We believe in’s unique vision and technology. With this funding, they should be able to own a big piece of the esports market.”

AI is the future

Tourney is designed to add an extra layer to established game communities, the AI adapts to them, thus creating weekly tournaments. Discord servers have adopted the AI, meaning streamers and content creators can run tournaments.

Furthermore, both Facebook and Twitter will be able to run tournaments through the use of the web app.

“In researching the emergence and growth of mobile esports, we identified as having unique technology and business model,” said Lisa Hanson, Managing Partner at Niko Partners.

“As the mobile esports segment expands, is well-positioned to build a substantial user base, scale its services, and be an important player in this space.” CEO Rosen Sharma added: “AI is the key. In esports today it is difficult to make money unless you are running large professional tournaments and events.”

“Most tournaments run and make money from sponsorships, which exist only for the big events. AI doesn’t need to make money in order to host an event, thus enabling tournaments in communities at any scale so long as people are willing to participate.”

You can find out more about by visiting the website here.

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