GameBizCon; Professionals of the Gaming industry meet and match to do business in pre-scheduled video calls

It is almost time for GameBizCon January 28-30 in 2020; professionals of the gaming industry meet and match to do business in pre-scheduled video calls. Let us come to you, it the motto! GameBizCon brings the perfect mix of Gaming industry professionals and the ease of online business to your front doorstep in pre-scheduled video calls.

GameBizCon Ask
GameBizCon Ask

Gaming is continually changing by advancements in tech faster than ever; the challenge for anyone who might have a foot in the world of gaming is to create innovative products that go to the market more efficiently.

Dealmakers must have a permanent overview of the industry to find and meet the right partners. Visting live events is both time and money consuming.


Therefore GameBizCon brings them together to conduct busines online! Get a sense of what companies do offer and what they are looking for, then you can schedule meetings efficiently.

Get a unique insight into what the participants of the event are offering and looking for by searching into a diversity of categories, tags and keywords. Schedule your meetings and prepare them by using the message board. You can conduct business in less then 30 minutes via pre-scheduled video calls. Showcase your services, products or projects in the marketplace and get potential investors, collaborations and global exposure.

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