Twitch Users Can Now Tip Streamers With MenaPay Stablecoin

Mobile payments service MenaPay announced support for Twitch tipping with their MenaCash stablecoin.

Blockchain-based payments service MenaPay updated its mobile app to add support for Twitch donations, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Turkey on Dec. 27. Twitch viewers are now able to use their MenaPay mobile app to tip their favorite Twitch players while watching their streams with MenaCash, a USD-pegged stablecoin built by the same team. This move comes weeks after MenaPay let streamers use MenaPay app to collect donations on a blockchain-based environment.

Per the release, the digital gaming industry grew into a giant online space where more than 3.7 million streamers share their experience with their audience on Twitch. Viewers have the option to support their favorite streamers by either donating in while they stream, or becoming a paid subscriber. MenaPay’s blockchain-based mobile payment service uses QR codes to enable viewers to donate Twitch streamers in seconds.

“Introducing MenaPay to Twitch streamers as a way to collect donations was a critical milestone in strengthening the bridge between the gaming community and blockchain technology,” said MenaPay CEO Cagla Gul Senkardes.

Read Twitch Users Can Now Tip Streamers With MenaPay Stablecoin

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