Tencent’s Miniclip acquires Ilyon Games for $100 million

European mobile developer Miniclip has acquired Ilyon Games for a reported $100 million.

As reported by The Marker (via Google Translate), sources close to Miniclip confirmed the deal for the Israeli firm. Ilyon itself is reported as saying “this is a strategic partnership that also included a purchase.”

Game-Consultant.com; Miniclip.com
Game-Consultant.com; Miniclip.com

Founded in 2013, Ilyon Games is best known as a casual developer with titles such as Bubble Shooter, Cookie Rush, and Power Pop Bubbles.

In July 2018, we spoke to Ilyon CEO Yonatan Erez about how the casual developer would look to drive more revenue from its portfolio after reaching 370 million downloads.

This is one of a number of acquisitions Miniclip has been making over the 12 months, with the firm purchasing Head Ball 2 maker Masomo for an undisclosed fee in February 2019. Miniclip itself is owned by Chinese-giant Tencent after the company made a majority investment in the developer back in 2015.

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