Love For Podcasting, I am on a roll and never gonna stop

I am getting the hang of it. It was my 20th episode of PodcastGameConsultant this week. I started when some people said, give it a try, it will be fun to listen to you interviewing other gaming people. So I first started to read everything, then came the mic, then came the website. Slowly but surely I was getting on the road of podcasting!

I just wanted to thank everyone who was a guest and/or did listen to one or more of my episodes. It is realy made with love for the games industry. I get questions if the podcast could get sponsored, but I said ‘no’, cause I want to remain independent. Also if I would do paid interviews. No, also, since I want to talk to people that I know they are respected by others in the games space.

So today I have gotten lots of feedback, listeners on my site, my slowly now my Spotify Podcast is growing in numbers. It was amazing to see the number of listeners I did reach with Episode 20. I can make a small difference in the games industry, for indies, for someone, for maybe you too?

Bear with me on this podcasting path. I am going to introduce soon the webcast version. So I am going to need to find people that want to work with me. I can hear you think, NEVER! Ha, but I hope you reconsider. If you have a mic, insights in the gaming industry on trends, finance, development etc, you can create an item of 3-4 minutes, and if good, I will be putting it in one of the upcoming episodes. This counts also for video analysis and reviews.

To top it all of, I added one picture of me almost 20 years ago. Seemed funny, but the essence is that it was a hell of a journey in gaming. Now new paths are being made and I am walking over it.

Your host of today, Reinout

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