Welcome to Suponic eSports

Suponic eSports is a company that provides mobile games on a crypto currency platform. You can become a millionaire just by playing well on the game freely provided by Suponic. I will tell you how. All you need is your mobile phone that you carry with you all the time.

  • Register to the Suponic SGC Wallet. (Get 5 SGC for free by inputting your friend’s referral code)
  • Download ‘InkWars’ from the download section inside the wallet
  • Play ‘InkWars’ for free, enjoy it, practice it, and think of the strategies to win.

Use the SGC you received from the registration to play wagering mode against other players. (*Wagering: A type of sports betting, where the winner takes the wagerred amount. It is different from gambling in the aspect that wagering is based on the skills of the players delveloped by time and effort.)

SGC won from wagering can be exchanged at any time on the Suponic exchange, and its value can increase for the SGC holders.

What is InkWars?

Addictive Bubble VS Action! – Now with Trump and Covepepe!

Whether you are a casual gamer or a hard-core competitor, you have come to the right place! Ink Wars offers Real-Time Bubble Versus excitement for the first time ever on a touch device!

Being the WORLD’S FIRST Bubble Fighter mobile e-Sport, Ink Wars brings people together to share exciting fun matches for players and spectators alike.

Experience smooth competitive head-to-head VS Bubble action on the same device or compete against your global rivals via cross device Network PvP!

14 celebrity guest-characters join the heated Battle: from FGC stars colliding with Twitch beauty streamers, a fearsome world champion fighter to an enchanting mermaid photographer & model. They are all here to claim their dominance in the Ink Wars universe!

There are 40 characters in total, each with their unique attributes, grid patterns and play-styles. All characters are animated using beautiful hand-crafted HD sprites rarely seen in an app game.

Express your individuality with tonnes of customizable in-game elements such as BattleGrids / Switchers / Bubble-Sets.

Ink Wars is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

Compatible with iOS 8.0 / Android 5 and upwards, best played on devices with 2GB of RAM or higher.


  • First Versus Bubble Fighter Game in the App Store!
  • Over 1800 frames of beautifully hand-drawn animation!
  • Unlock up to 40 unique heroes!
  • Over 100 sets of customizable in-game elements with Power-Ups attached!
  • Collect 1000 Avatars & Titles!
  • Cross-platform Network PvP! and Cross-platform Leaderboard!
  • Arcade style side-by-side battle in Local VS with friends and competitors!
  • Destroy every opponent with a satisfying finishing sequence!
  • You will need SGC, Suponic Game Coin, to play in wagering mode.

SGC is the coin used in the Suponic Game Platform, born with the unique algorithm. Gamers can use SGC to buy the items and also play against other gamers for wagering profit. The wagering system is set so that the professional gamers can make millions through SGC.

What is SGC?

SGC stands for Suponic Game Coin, the crypto currency used in the Suponic Game Platform. You can receive 5 SGC for free if you create the SGC Wallet and completes the KYC. SGC will be listed to the Supoinc Exchange in May 1, 2020, at the price of $1.

Register here!

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