Esports blockchain and crypto currency

2018 saw the crypto currency hype fall away significantly from the start of the year when the Bitcoin speculation bubble peaked at over $19K USD. But as speculation subsides with Bitcoin now worth one-fifth of that peak, the push to find opportunities in the space that deliver real value is still underway.; esports crypto currency blockchain; esports crypto currency blockchain

Esports has seen a lot of attention from blockchain developers – one hot tech sector chasing wins in another fast-growing sector. It’s still very early days, and it’s hard to know if any ‘winners’ are out there right now waiting to achieve critical mass, or whether the truly “game-changing” blockchain product doesn’t exist yet.

There’s potential out there, but there are significant challenges that pit the concept of trusted and distributed third-party transaction systems against companies that currently see great success through control of their own ecosystems.

If you’re eager to get up to speed, below is a primer on everything you need to know to grasp how blockchain technology is having an impact on the esports industry.

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