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Reinout, the game podcast host, is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Each week Reinout releases two new episodes of his games podcast show to his gaming industry audience from all over the world.

The games podcast currently has over 24 episodes, providing you with expert knowledge and the latest and greatest information in the world of gaming. This includes interviews with a highly-talented network of gaming professionals, sourced from years in the industry to share their experience and insights on all things gaming.

In recent years, the game industry has become a powerhouse. Clearly, this is an industry worth paying attention to! While a lot of this success is attributable simply to consumers’ love of games, the developers and distributors also deserve a lot of credit. As a consultant I advise on topics like strategy, marketing, funding and other consultancy services.

Their marketing savvy builds anticipation and ensures awareness of their latest games, and that leads to jaw-dropping sales. Business owners and leaders in every sector can learn a lot by studying these success stories.

We all know that mobile games are taking over. 33 per cent of all app installs come from games. That means mobile games make up a whole one-third of the apps industry pie.

Mobile gaming is undeniably booming, especially with Stadia and Apple Arcade finally materialising. It’s great news for mobile game developers and publishers. Globally more people have smartphones, and more people are playing games on them.

As a result, the mobile gaming industry becomes increasingly saturated by the minute. So what’s the solution? You’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Contact today, Reinout is more then happy to advise!

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