Games Podcasts

Games Podcasts; Lot of times I am getting the question, what are game podcasts? Who is listening to it? And who is producing this? Hobby or work? Well, I like to do create it and call it “Game Consultant”, since I want to help people to understand the gaming industry!

As a gamer, you only have a certain amount of time per day that you can actually play games. Assuming you have a life that involves school, work, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, or some combination thereof, you’re left with just a few hours per week to spend with a controller in hand.

Gaming podcasts in 2020. So that is the reason I started with my own game podcast. It is now number 26 episode of my game podcast. Every week 2 episodes that I am producing with interviews and latest games updates and items. Do have a check on

Gaming podcast in 2020 are great ways to keep up with development, culture, and industry news. Video games are a massive business these days, and keeping up with consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft is hard enough. But that’s just one part of the gaming ecosystem these days.

Whether you are just getting into games media, or you are looking to expanding beyond your regular rotation, this is a diverse sampling of the best games podcasts out there.

The Games Industry is nearly a $140 billion industry as of January 2019, and these are the best podcasts to stay current with them.

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